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Action against physical and emotional child abuse

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Comic Workshop


The persistence of discriminatory practices, combined with the scarcity of economic and natural resources force many children into adulthood. They go without a nurturing childhood and instead suffer from abuse, forced labour, child marriage and receive limited education so have little chance of breaking out of the cycle.

GVNML works with both the right holders and the duty bearers to stop this discrimination believing that educating children is the way to create lasting change. Through alliance building we help the duty bearers understand the rights children have, and provide opportunities for children to claim them.

In 2009 we held Adolescent Group meetings in 267 villages which 7,340 young people participated in. We hold two part workshops on child abuse for Youth Mandal members and also training on using in depth child rights case studies to take action with parents and teachers.

Comic workshops where teachers and children participate include stories based on sexual abuse cases and discrimination. The finished comics are presented to community members and displayed in common areas so that all take note.

Children take part in cultural programmes, spending a day developing the programme theme with GVNML staff, then perform the stories on stage to the community. In 2009 3,500 people attended cultural programmes in 8 villages, helping the community realise their role in safeguarding the rights of children and giving them secure homes.

In the schools GVNML work with, there have been no cases of caste related abuse reported in the past year. Any sexual abuse cases within schools are reported to the Village Development Committee, Youth Mandal and Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) for the SDM to give an appropriate punishment and ensure the children can study in a safe environment free from abuse.

A new atmosphere is emerging where the voices of children are no longer unheard. Focussed interventions with government officials, parents, community leaders and children through workshops, individual consultations and home visits have led to children's rights being safeguarded.


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