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Registering Every Birth

by isabel last modified 2011-05-25 17:46

Birth Registration in Raika Community in Pali 

Registering a childs birth is the first step towards guaranteeing his or her human rights. The formal application of universal human rights  starts with a document showing when and where we entered the world. GVNML is working on Child Rights which begin before birth but often entail an arduous task to make sure they are respected afterwards. In order to ensure that the government lives up to its obligations under the Universal declaration of Human Rights, GVNML shares the birth registration data with concerned medical officers, child and womens development officers and other development practitioners as needed.
We want to end demeaning practices such as being denied of your claim to land, not being able to get a ration card or voter identification card or not being able to prove ones age. To solve all of these hurdles GVNML started work with local communities, involving the concerned Gram Panchayat (elected officials) and bock level officers in Desuri Block of Pali district to ensure every live birth is registered and within a week of a birth the birth certificate be provided to the parents.
Government legislation has been passed for registering children up to the age of 10 years. GVNML also emphasizes the need for the local Panchayat to do this job without our assistance but they claim that the community does not consider it a priority while the community complains that Panchayat officials are not supporting them and sending them away with some excuse.  It seems somebody will have to continue to fight for the rights of the unborn in order to safeguard their futures.
GVNML will continue this work.  We hope to reach a registration rate of 90% without our intervention, currently it is around 98% when we have a presence.  This practice needs to become the norm if children are to be included in the society that shapes their futures or if they are to have any realization of their rights as individual human beings.

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