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A safe delivery for Mandora’s first child

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Mandora contacted the Village Health Worker when she fell pregnant. Careful planning meant she received immunisations, iron tablets and gave birth to her daughter Vikash safely in hospital.

Reproductive Health Case Study Mandora

Mandora was afraid about what would happen during the delivery. She did not know how old she was, probably around 18 but this was her first pregnancy and she had severe stomach pains. As soon as she entered the hospital feelings of relief swept over her. Mandora had a sense that she was safe now and everything would be alright.

She had been preparing for this day for some time. Three months after Mandora fell pregnant she visited her village health worker, Shyam Lata. Shyam took her through various steps to ensure Mandora could give birth in a hospital and not in the village with the traditional midwife (dias). One of the most crucial steps was persuading Mandora’s family, in particular her husband Ram Charan and father-in-law that giving birth in hospital was the safest option for mother and child. Luckily Shyam had received training from GVNML.

Shyam took Mandora to the government run Baby Childcare Centre to register her pregnancy, her course of tetanus immunisations was started and she was given iron tablets. A lack of planning means some pregnant women are taken to hospital on motorbikes or tractors, leading to dangerous deliveries during the journey. Mandora’s family arranged to hire a jeep in the village and already knew the charges and the right mobile number to call when they needed it.

In the final month of her pregnancy when Mandora’s stomach pains came, Shyam and the village dias was called but after two hours the contractions had not increased. They decided to take her to hospital but were sure to carry a safe delivery kit with them in case the baby was born before reaching the hospital. Shyam had called ahead to the hospital so the midwife was ready and expecting Mandora. At Nagar, the nearest hospital, the doctors gave Mandora glucose and an injection to give an easy delivery. A healthy baby boy was born on 10th April 2010 and named Vikash. The baby was immunised and the mother given pain relief and antibiotics.

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