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Village Health Worker saves Fool Kanwar's life

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When Kamala, the Village Health Worker realised Fool's baby was breached she took her to hospital where doctors found an abnormally large head. They decided to save Fool's life rather than risk losing both and Kamala managed the family and doctors. Without this care, Fool is sure she would have died in childbirth leaving her son and daughter behind.

Reproductive Health Case Study Mandora

When 25 year old Fool Kanwar from Mathagon village fell pregnant with her third child, she quickly sought advice from Kamala, the Village Health Worker. They registered the pregnancy at the Health Sub Centre in a nearby village and Fool had two tetanus immunisations. Kamala spoke with Fool's family and they agreed that Fool would give birth in hospital. She visited Fool regularly advising her to eat leafy green vegetables, take proper rest and gave her iron tablets. In this case there were no major superstitions about the pregnancy or birth but because Fool is from a poor family she found it difficult to eat well and couldn't afford much milk or curd.

As the end of her pregnancy approached, Kamala discovered the baby was breached so immediately took Fool to the hospital in Kishangarh 40 kilometres away then onto a bigger women's hospital in Ajmer. A scan found the baby had an abnormally large head and doctors drained three bottles of liquid from it. After much discussion, senior doctors decided to save Fool's life instead of her child and it was a still birth. Kamala was with her through every step, managing Fool's family, the doctor and the hospital. GVNML training sessions has helped to equip her with these skills.

Fool is sure that if she had not been taken to hospital she would have lost her life as well as her unborn child's, leaving her four year old daughter and eight year old son behind.

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